UKSKO - United Kingdom Seiki-Juku Karate Organisation



UKSKO licences

A UKSKO Licence gives you insurance in case of an accident when training, grading or entering competitions. It also registers you with the UKSKO (United Kingdom Seiki-Juku Karate Organisation) and the karate governing body EKF (English Karate Federation). Without a valid UKSKO licence you will NOT be insured and your grade will NOT be nationally or internationally recognised. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain a valid UKSKO licence.

  • All students must present a valid UKSKO licence before gradings.
  • If you do not hold or are unable to present a valid UKSKO licence then you will not be allowed to grade.
  • Licences are valid for one year and must be renewed each year.

Applying for a licence for the very first time


Please click on the ‘APPLY’ button below to register with the UKSKO and purchase a licence.

Once your payment has been processed you will receive two emails. The first is your new UKSKO licence, giving details of your purchase with your licence attached. Please print this licence and attach it to your UKSKO licence book. We recommend that you keep this email safe so that it can be presented before gradings either on paper or digitally using a mobile device.

The second email is your UKSKO student Access Information. This gives details of how to access your UKSKO membership profile for future licence renewals and to make updates to your personal information. Please keep this email safe.

If you do not receive either of these emails please first check your spam folder then if you have still not received them please email If you need to purchase/renew a licence for more than one student, please repeat the process giving correct details for each student. 


Licence renewals


When renewing your licence, please follow these three steps.

Step one: Log into the ‘Members’ area (top right of this page) using your username and password that you were sent when you first applied for your licence. This information is listed on an email with the subject ‘UKSKO - Student Access Information’ which you would have received at the same time you receive the email with your licence attached. If you can’t find this information please click on the ‘Forgotten password’ tab and follow the instructions.

Step two: Click on the ‘Edit profile’ tab and check that all the details are correct. Please make sure that your Date of Birth is listed. Make any changes that are required, ensuring that you have selected the correct ‘Member type’ and your ‘Current belt colour’. When finished click ‘Update Profile’.

Step three: Click on the ‘Renew membership’ tab at the top of the page and follow the instructions on screen.

Important: It is important that you follow these three steps to renew your licences. Please do not apply for a new licence. This will result in you having multiple accounts.


Helpful information



Membership Licence types and costs:


10th Kyu (white belt) to 2nd Kyu (brown/white stripe belt)
Adult: £55.00 / Junior: (under 16): £38.00

1st Kyu (brown belt)
Adult: £65.00 / Junior: (under 16): £55.00

Dan grades (black belts)
Adult: £65.00 / Junior: (under 16): £55.00