UKSKO - United Kingdom Seiki-Juku Karate Organisation



Equipment & Apparel

The sooner you can purchase a karate suit (gi) the better. Karate suits displaying the association’s Japanese calligraphy are available from the club. Loose clothing or a tracksuit may be worn for the first two or three training sessions. Protective equipment can also be purchased through the club and again, the sooner you acquire this the better.


  • Bo Staff
    Bo Staff
    One size
  • Metal Round Chrome Sai
    Metal Round Chrome Sai
    Sizes: Junior, Senior
  • Sai Weapon Case
    Sai Weapon Case
    One size
  • Wooden Round Tonfa
    Wooden Round Tonfa
    One size
  • Round Wood Nunchaku
    Round Wood Nunchaku
    One size
  • Wooden Bokken
    Wooden Bokken
    One size
  • Shinai (Kendo Training Sword)
    Shinai (Kendo Training Sword)
    One size
  • Wooden Kama
    Wooden Kama
    One size
  • Wooden Tanto
    Wooden Tanto
    One size