UKSKO - United Kingdom Seiki-Juku Karate Organisation



Equipment & Apparel

The sooner you can purchase a karate suit (gi) the better. Karate suits displaying the association’s Japanese calligraphy are available from the club. Loose clothing or a tracksuit may be worn for the first two or three training sessions. Protective equipment can also be purchased through the club and again, the sooner you acquire this the better.

Sparring and training equipment

  • Seiki-Juku Association Head Guard
    Seiki-Juku Association Head Guard
    Sizes: Junior (L), Senior (XL), Senior (XXL)
  • Seiki-Juku Association Sparring Mitts
    Seiki-Juku Association Sparring Mitts
    Sizes: Junior (L), Senior (XL)
  • Seiki-Juku Association Shin Pads
    Seiki-Juku Association Shin Pads
    Sizes: Junior, Senior
  • Gum Shield
    Gum Shield
    Sizes: Junior, Senior
  • Seiki-Juku Association Arm Protectors
    Seiki-Juku Association Arm Protectors
    Sizes: Junior, Senior
  • Breast Protector (Women)
    Breast Protector (Women)
    Sizes: Please ask at reception
  • Medicine Ball
    Medicine Ball
    Sizes: various weights
  • Hook Wack & Jab Pads
    Hook Wack & Jab Pads
    One size (other colours available)
  • Kick Bag
    Kick Bag
    One size
  • Martial Arts 3bar Leg Stretcher
    Martial Arts 3bar Leg Stretcher
    One size