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Summer Courses 1 and 2 2013

Summer Course 1 & 2.

Both courses were very well attended despite the extremely hot weather. Training was very intense with water breaks being the order of the day.

Summer Course 1
It is always great to see so many keen students and this year was no exception with more students attempting black belt than ever in our history as a group.
The first course is always intensive due to the number of high and low grades in attendance. The level of teaching on the course was second to none this year with all of our senior instructors being present.

Successful Black Belts from Course 1.
Taylor Meehan
John Tapper
Annie Irwin
Imogen Fowler
Ryo Jones
James Kerr
Ryan Huynh
Christopher Haldane
Keiran Haldane
Sydney Mead
Tom Henshaw
Simon Sapstead
Aaron Hind
Luiza Lobo
Helen Hill
Jack Johnson
Callum Marston
Adam Ward
Simon Draycott
Troy Middleton
Kimono McDonald D'souza
Gemma Lineham
Gail Davies
Rafe Coleman
Nick Murphy
Samuel Horton
Guy Coughlan

Summer Course 2
Our second summer course had the best attendance since we first started, with a good number of black belts and senior grades alongside some very keen and strong lower grades. During the course we held football matches, there was even a bouncy castle oh and some karate taught at a high level. The course which everyone is still talking about finished with Sensei Perry awarding all those in attendance with a medal for their hard work.