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Karate Easter Course 2013

We held our annual Easter course at the Hampton sports centre and we were all pleasantly surprised by the number of students in attendance, in fact never before have so many 1st kyu brown belts and black belts presented themselves for training and grading.
Whilst the higher grades worked extremely hard for 6 hours each day there just never seemed to be enough time to work at the level that the instructors were demanding. The work rate was so high and this can be seen in the amount of students that achieved 1st, 2nd and 3rd dan black belts.

Each days training began with high level kata for the 1st kyu and dan grades followed by a good hour and a half of solid static basics. The afternoons were filled with so many different types of training, ensuring that all grades covered the many techniques required for their gradings.

One of the highlights of the course is always the Easter egg hunt in which this year we used over 300 eggs, after the fun and gluttony it was time for the gradings.

The kyu grades were very strong throughout and this year the dan grades were truly exceptional in both their basics and fighting skills.
All in all a great course with a special Osu! to Sensei F T Perry and his team of Instructors.


After the black belt presentation course, we are pleased to congratulate the following students for passing their gradings from the 2013 Easter course.

1st Dans:
Xavier Taylor, James Leather Burrow, Oliver Walker, Peter Bayless, Nikolay Lebedenko, Samuel Shocks, Ellie Perez, Charles Sweeting, Zane Qutteneh, Dominic Garn, Meghan Robertson-Buttone, Nathan Wood, Sean Nolan, Steven Fletcher, Ashley, Will Charnley, Jack Goodwin, Steven Goodwin, Nigel Cottrell, Jack Howard.

2nd Dans:
Tony Sakim, Nicky Cotton, Sue Hawker, Rachel Hoare, Siobhan Scott, David McSweeney, James Somerville.

3rd Dans:
Damon Styles and Frank Puttock.

4th Dan:
Robbie Spillard.