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Bryan Dowler, 1st Dec 1938 - 5th Nov 2014

It is with much sadness that I have to report that my very good friend and Karate companion Bryan Dowler Sensei passed away during November 2014.

Bryan was a huge character and like myself was unusual in that he was a champion in both Judo and Karate.
He was chairman of the governing body for 15 years and chairman of Kyokushin Kai Karate for over 20 years.

Amongst his many achievements in Budo he won the VAS Judo championships at the age of 18 this was an open weight tournament and Bryan won it with the sheer speed and technique at the weight of 10 stone 8lb.

He was a member of the kyokushin teams in the early 1960's and went on the publish 2 books on that style of karate.He formed Karate-Jutsu Remnei after resigning from Kyokushin and this group is run by Bryans most senior student Bernard Creton Sensei and still flourishes today and no doubt will continue to do so!

Bryan and myself prior to his passing completed a 720 page martial arts book and I am hoping that it will be published in the new year.The book will be dedicated to his memory and all profits will be donated to the charity that he supported 'sense'.

Finally God bless you Bryan Sensei and Sayonara

F.T Perry 8th Dan Hanshi